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    Cake Calculators

    They work for you,

    so you can

    relax and Bake.

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    • Get access to Cake Calculators to help you calculate, design and build cakes.


    Generate printable cake sketches for any
    combination of cake shapes and sizes.

    No more drawing Cakes Sketches by hand.

    Add/remove Cake board from your sketch.

    Choose from 8 cake shapes and various sizes.

    Generate a Cake Sketch with graph paper background.

    Handy print option for more design work.

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    Cake Tier

    Stack multi-shaped, multi-tiered
    cakes of various sizes and
    visualise your cake in a 3D Preview

    Choose from 10 cake shapes and 4 portion sizes.

    View number of dowels required to stack cake.

    Suggests dowel placement for individual cake tiers.

    Handy tips to assemble a multi-tiered cake.

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    Cake Tier

    Easily decide number of cake tiers,
    their shapes and sizes for
    required servings and portion sizes.

    Calculate combinations for upto 600 servings.

    Choose from 11 cake shapes and 4 portion sizes.

    Mix and Match upto 2 shapes for multi shaped cakes.

    Get combinations of upto 8 tiered cakes.

    View your tiered cake in Cake Preview.

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    Calculate quantity & cost of sugarpaste
    required for your cake and cake board

    Choose from 10 cake shapes, 70+ cake tins
    and cake heights from 2" to 8".

    Calculate how much sugarpaste
    you will need to cover your cake boards
    with sugarpaste for that perfect finish.

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    Calculate length & cost of Ribbon
    required for your cake and cake board

    Calculate total ribbon needed to go
    around your chosen cake tiers.

    Choose from various cake boards to match
    your cake and find ribbon length needed
    to around the board.

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    Convert time, length
    and oven temperatures.

    Basic convertions tools for
    any cake making or baking needs.

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    • What bakers are saying about the Cake Calculators

      Source : Our Facebook Page

    "I just checked out you cake tier calculator. Definitely looks like something I would
    use. I usually figure it out on my own but this is faster, and I love the little pictures.
    I look forward to seeing what else you come up with".

    "The sugarpaste one is BRILLIANT. Thank you"

    This is AWESOME....thank you

    The cake calculator is AWESOME. Just used it to get
    ideas for 3 cakes I am and will be doing. THANK YOU!!!

    Way Cool thanks

    • Answers to questions that might come to your mind.

    Which browsers do you recommend for this website?

    For best experience we recommend using latest Google Chrome.

    Your website is a nice idea, Can I use it on my mobile or tablet?

    Yes, we have a version of the calculators as mobile apps - Cake Stacker & Cake Slicer.

    See the apps section on the top menu for further details.

    Can you help us price our cakes?

    Yes, soon. Not limited to pricing, we will help you in organising, managing and running
    your cake business. Login to see the coming soon sections on the website.